Balochistan: attacks on gas pipelines and transmission pylon

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 20:48 AK
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Cluster of attacks on gas pipelines in the Dera Bugti region. Early Tuesday: "explosive device was planted along the eight inch diameter gas pipeline in Dera Bugti. The detonation caused a big blast, disrupting the gas supply from Well No. 29 to the gas purification plant." Wednesday: a blast on an 18-inch diameter gas pipeline in Pir Koh area supplying gas from wells no 15, 21 and 19 to the Sui gas plant. This is ongoing.

Also Tuesday: "a 132 kV transmission pylon was blown up near Barkhan and Kholu suspending power supply to most of the villages of these districts." 

This doesn't exactly improve the prospects of TAPI.  Final round of talks on TAPI transit fees -- as of last discussions 49.5 cents per million cubic feet of gas per day from India to Pakistan and from Pakistan to Afghanistan -- supposed to be held next month