Pipeline blasts roundup

Monday, 04 June 2012 18:26 AK
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May 13: Blast on Yemeni natural gas pipeline supplying the Balhaf Export terminal in the Gulf of Aden, near Mayfaa in Shabwa province. Prior attack on April 26. Both apparently Al Qaeda.

May 30: Blast on 12in Syrian oil pipeline in Deir al-Zor province, connecting Abu Hamam and Gharaneej. Prior attacks:  April 21, same pipeline; April 30, oil pipeline between the villages of Mahkan and al-Qouriya in Deri Ezzor, valve damaged and large amounts of oil leaked; March 26, blast on diesel pipeline between Hama and Homs at Taldao; February 15, diesel pipeline connecting Homs refinery with fuel tanks in Arda. There's also a report of a May 15 blast near al-Mayadeen on the oil pipeline to Banias refinery.

May 30: Blast on Azerbaijan-Turkey natural gas pipeline near Sarikamis.