The JES in the News

Thursday, 26 April 2012 02:56 Kevin Rosner
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BurmaNet News, an online news service that has covered developments in Burma (Myanmar) since 1994 joined a growing list of publications covering issues and stories pioneered by the Journal of Energy Security in April 2012.  The online service reprinted in its entirety Varigonda Kesava Chandra’s article, “The Pipeline That Wasn’t: Myanmar-Bangladesh-India Natural Gas Pipeline” for its readers.  It’s of course interesting to note that energy issues, as far afield as Myanmar, are gaining growing attention in both the mainstream and specialty press.  Not to be outdone, The Australian, whose tag-line is Business with the Wall Street Journal, dedicated its article, “News Flashpoints Add to Energy Concerns,” discussing JES contributions in April from Muhammad Makki , Aditya Malhotra, as well as from Varigonda Chandra.  The Journal is always interested in engaging our colleagues around the world in supporting coverage of the JES’ bread and butter issue of global energy security.