Aerospace and Defense Targeted by Advanced Persistent Threat

Friday, 08 February 2013 13:47 Yaron Vorona
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From FireEye blog:

FireEye discovered an APT campaign consistently targeting companies in the aerospace and defense industries. The campaign has been in effect for sometime now.

We have seen this campaign use both email and drive-by downloads as a means of infecting end users. The threat actor has consistently used attachment names of documents/white papers released by well-known companies. The malicious email attachment exploits some common vulnerabilities in PDF and DOC files.

[...] this campaign has been targeting companies in the Aerospace and Defense vertical in waves. There is no specific pattern to this attack, we have seen days on which multiple weaponized emails were sent to several companies, and on other days we observed that the threat actor sent only one email to a specific target organization. The chart below shows Beebus attacks in the last year.

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