Competition Announced for Innovation in the Transportation Fuel Sector

Tuesday, 08 April 2014 00:00 Editor
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The State of Israel considers the research and development of technologies that reduce the global use of oil in transportation as an international concern and a top national priority.  Thus, in 2011, the government of Israel, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, initiated the National Program to Reduce the Global Dependence on Oil, with the aim of encouraging global innovation and scientific breakthroughs in the field of transportation fuels.

In order to promote the goals of this initiative, the Prime Minister's Office together with the Ministry of Science, Technology & Space will grant in 2014, for the second time, "The Prime Minister's Prize for Innovation in Alternative Fuels for Transportation". The recipients of the Prize in 2013 were Prof. G.A Olah and Prof. S. Prakash, for developing and advancing the "Methanol Economy".

The 2014 annual prize will be awarded for global innovation, a scientific or a technological breakthrough in the field of competing transportation fuels. Nominees for the prize should be actively engaged in innovative, paradigm-shifting research or technology development worthy of significant and widespread attention in the field of competing transportation fuels. Citizens of any country, religion or race are eligible to be nominated.

The prize of one million US dollars will be awarded by the Prime Minister of the State of Israel and the Minister of Science Technology & Space, during The Fuels Choices Summit, to be held in Tel Aviv in December 2014.

Deadline for nominations: April 30, 2014
For nomination information and forms click here.

Questions about the nomination process for the prize may be directed to Paz Ben Nun at or by telephone: 972-2-5411805.